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Deep Research
Firstly, your current market, positioning and competitors will be analyzed. Enabling compelling offers and the discovery of your customer's pain and pleasure points.


After onboarding, tailored content will be created in collaboration with your team or my creative strategists. Once done, they will be stress-tested, finding best performers & guaranteeing you the lowest acquisition costs.


Scaling through AI
Through machine learning models we'll determine the true KPI's of your ads that do NOT break at scale. Discoverying which components have the biggest impact and explore strategies to minimize your acquisition costs. On average, reducing the CPA by 44%.

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Performance Ad Formula

A video ad is not just a video. It consists of carefully ordered sequences each designed to be as relevant as possible for your customer.

Captivate & Unleash Desires

First step is to create powerful hooks that sting. Some clients ads have a 50 % “Thumbstop Ratio” which means every 2nd user stopped for this ad. Once hooked, we touch on pain and pleasure points – unleashing the deepest desires.

Call to Action

Finally, we present your perfect solution and offer (which we sharpened in the Deep Research Phase) and finish with a compelling “Call to Action”.

Constant flow of new content?

Absolutely not. In fact, 4 out of 5 new clients do not have to create new content for ads for the first couple of months because I re-purpose their existing marketing material.

Cool, but how does this help
my business?


Shop growth but profitable

Accurate tracking has become increasingly difficult. I help you understand exactly how each marketing channel is effecting your ecosystem. You can allocate budgets effectively – making profitable ecommerce growth possible.


No time to waste

Imagine we start working today, in a week you have 5-10 fresh ads live, 14 days after onboarding, our tests are completed and we have found your winning ads.


Better than in-house

Clients can rely on me when they trust me with their customer acquisition. This comes with the responsiveness of an in-house team combined with the autonomy of an experienced group of experts.


Now is the best time

Inflation is up 8%, some of our clients are up 800%. Industry leaders don’t stop, in fact they push even harder when others quit. If you manage to grow profitably, you are truly limitless.

Hefty retainers are the past

Why do “performance-marketing” agencies charge huge retainers – for lousy results? I want to make Leon Media dependent on your performance so we only profit when you do.


Leon Media

Northwoofs Adventure Dog Gear ↟ Creators of the Ultimate Silent Dog ID Tag.

Before: Missing framework & scaling issues
After: Tripling MRR within 3 months


Decrease in cost per acquisition


Return-on-Ad-Spend increase


Leon Media

On a zero-waste mission. Products for hygiene, home and leisure, helping to eliminate the use of single-use plastics.

Before: Unprofitable ads after IOS14
After: New customer acquisition at scale & constant five-figure MRR


increase in profitable ad spend in the first month


revenue growth in the first month working together


Leon Media

Partydeko Onlineshop für strahlende Kinderaugen.

Before: No funnel setup & lack of creatives
After: Full funnel structure, tripling POAS


decrease in CPA in the first three months


Return-on-Ad-Spend increase

Meet the


Leon Media was founded in 2020, while I was still studying at Copenhagen Business School working part-time. Firstly focusing on the Scandinavian market, but with time transitioned to mainly support German E-commerce with their marketing efforts.

Having previously consulted 7 and 8 figure DTC brands on their marketing strategy, I know what it takes to implement complex paid social campaigns at scale.

Today I run custom built Meta campaigns for E-com and service businesses, decreasing their new customer cost by 20% in 90 days or less.

David Leon Junghanns

Founder of Leon Media


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